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This Burning Passion
Anonymous asked:
Hi!! Can you rec some sad kagehina?? And you can't read sad without healing your heart afterwards so maybe a couple of fluff/romance ones too?! Thank you and good luck with the blog!!!

did someone say oTP 

oh and why are sad fics almost always character death?? death isn’t the only thing that can be sad, you know. sorry anon-chan T.T this list is short because I’m too weak for sadness. 

“I guess this means you won.”

At the questioning look on Kageyama’s face, Hinata smiled sadly. “We both swore to be the last man standing. I guess you won…”

(i live for zombie apocalypse au’s)

It was an achromatic grave, among many others, easily overlooked. In the near future, the sender might just stop sending flowers, because they now give flowers to someone else, the dead can’t be revived and sometimes, you just have to carry on.

(oh god oh god i can’t stop cry ingggg)

“Let’s see who gets to live longer.”

Kageyama wonders if he’s used up all his wishes when he wished for Hinata Shouyou to love him back as much as he loved him when they were in high school.

(not really sad and yet very sad at the same time???) 

here’s the remedy for all those sad fics:

Hinata comes to school sick and Kageyama is forced to take care of him

Power outages, ghost stories, and the presence of a certain orange-haired boy lead to bad decision-making on Tobio’s part. He’d planned to keep his crush a secret; the universe has other plans.

Kageyama and Hinata are left to clean the gym, but they find a spider.

(awkward kagehina kisses yessss and I share Hinata’s fear of spiders o.o)

there you go anon-chan~! 

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