Anonymous asked:
"kagehina fics where hinata dies? (Will probs regret this but bring on the pain yeah)"


in this post, the first one is a Hinata death fic.

”Just weeks and you’re already done with him? Hm?”
”Shut up.”

(I adoooore tokyo ghoul!au’s)

“Hey, Kageyama?” Hinata’s gone still. His head thumps against Kageyama’s back, just between his shoulder blades, and rolls until his cheek is pressed against his shoulder. Hinata draws his knees to his chest and jostles Kageyama in the process. Kageyama feels his breath snag and hang on an impatient breath.


He exhales and Kageyama’s attention is stolen immediately by its unsteadiness. “What do you think happens when you die?”

In his dreams, Hinata is still alive.

*sigh* why are you doing this to yourself anon-chan.

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